Moroccan Argan Oil Client Testimonials

From: Kim

Hi Chafi,

Comments: I introduced your product to my mom and sisters and they are in LOVE with it! They are throwing away their old product and replacing it with Chafi. I started using your rose powder to exfoliate and my skin is as smooth as butter. We plan to try the rhassoul clay powder next!

Kim Laster, Booneville, AR.

From: Justina

Hello Chafia,

Still greatly enjoying your beautiful Argan Oil products, I want to make sure you go got my telephone message, requesting 2x Argan Oil shipment (I am out of it).....

I thank you for your care, Love to you and your family, Justina

From Leni:

Hi Chafi

I can't thank you enough for the 'magical' oil you have sent me...I have spent years trying to find just the right product to control my frizz that was both organic and also did not weigh down my very fine hair...and FINALLY!!! it is!...I am so very grateful to you...Leni. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Leni, Canton, CT.

From: Justina

Hello Chafia

After talking to you on the phone, I again want to let you know how beatiful energy your Organic Oils have , as well as your information cards that were included . My granddaughter from Holland was over here in Boston and over and over talked about Maroccan Organ Oil. After I googled the product, I found your company and felt very good with it . If you can give me a set price, I will start ordering the months ahead too.

Again, thanks for your Beautiful and Nourishing Product from Morocco!
with lots of Love, Justina

From George,

I have to thank you profusely for the bottles of Argan Oil you sent for Tom and I for Christmas. I have been using it by adding it to my regular facial moisturizer. Monday I tried adding a little extra after I shaved and I have been making sure I used it twice a day since shaving because I ALWAYS break out. I have to tell you that this time for the FIRST time ever I had minimal breakouts and irritation after shaving. This is the only thing in a lifetime of trying every lotion and "family secret" for shaving and having non of them work, that something has actually worked!! I am actually going to be able to shave a second time in a week for the first time since I was a teenager! Thanks! I will be ordering a 60ml bottle very soon!

George, Little falls, NJ.

From Kim:

I start using this oil a week ago and it is amazing!! Thank you so much and i will tell everyone about it. Please don't add or change anything about this oil

Kim, Dallas, GA.

From DD Perko:

I received my oil today and have already used it on my face and hands. It is so nice and i know I am going to really enjoy it as I use it faithfully every day. I also want to thank you for the wonderful smelling package and the card. Do you sell the cologne that is scented on the wrapping paper and card? I really like it and would love to buy it at well. Thank You So Much.

Miss Perko, Canton, TX.

From Dawn, @accordingtodawn:

The oil is just amazing! I put a little drop on my chest before I went to bed and when I woke up the irritation was all gone! I think I need to buy a few from's great! Have a lovely weekend, I will be in touch soon about the story. Best,

Dawn, New York, NY.

From Rebekah:

I am enjoying the oil. I put some on my hair and face. left hair shiny but full of volume. I will definitely be telling everyone about the Chafi oil.

Rebekah, Baltimore, MD.

From Cynthia:

I was never a fan of applying oil direct to my face, for the hair yes, but the skin I was skeptical, But I THANK YOU so much for Chafi Argan Oil, you are right the oil is one of a kind, unlike all the other essential oils, it does disappear into the skin after few message strokes and it leaves the skin feels soft with a healthy looking glow all day, and the hair I'm no longer spending money and time, I'm able to style at home, Thanks a million

Cynthia, Jersey City, NJ.

Form Latisha:

Please, Please Please do not add anything ever to your oil, I love it my skin looks and feels tight, everyone friends co-worker keep commenting on how rested I look, I also message few drops to my scull once a week and I never had a problem of itching, dryness.... anymore, This oil really should be in pharmacies. Thanks!!!!!!

Latisha, Jersey City , NJ.

From Debra:

I never told it will work for my skin, I have an oily skin, first I purchased it for my hair, and I loved it, it is really great for the hair. I took few drops and massaged it to my neck and few days after my neck looks smooth lot less wrinkles, so no I'm using it for my face and I notice that my face is no longer oily, I read somewhere that it does neutralize the the skin.

Debra, Beverly Hills, CA.

From Carrie:

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your Argan Oil. It has made my skin so soft and smooth and it doesn't break me out at all. I use to have trouble trying to find a moisturizer that worked and didn't make my eyes hurt or break out my skin. This is so wonderful that I have stopped using make up it has really made my skin look wonderful and better with out base make up

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Carrie, Leesville, LA.