About Chafi Argan Oil

My dream was always to create a business, a foundation, a charity, something grand and giving. So I created arganoilinc.com and have titled my brand Chafi.

Let me introduce myself. My Name is Chafia and my Product Name Brand is CHAFI OILS. My native country is Morocco ( Marrakech) and my country of residency, for the past 30 years, is the United States (New York).

I developed my knowledge for Argan Oil in my early age, but my passion for being a part of it's distribution was later on visiting Morocco, Africa every year, when I learned about the labor conflicts that were occurring regarding the production of this magical oil.

As a child I would visit my Grandmother, a proud Berber, in a small town south of Marrakech called "Imin Tanoot" and situated in the Atlas Mountains between Marrakech and Agadir. I vividly remember my Grandmother and group of other Berber women, mostly neighbors, singing and walking every day at dawn to the fields in order to gather Argan nuts from the Argan trees - not an easy task because the trees are covered with prickly thorns. My Grandmother and her friends filled bags "algoffa" with Argan nuts, day after day, until the last nut was picked, then transporting them back into town. The women, after they had later finished their household chores, would meet at my Grandmother's house to begin cracking open the nuts. The seeds were then removed and gently roasted, releasing a very strong and beautiful aroma. The roasted Argan nut kernels were then grounded in a heavy stone kiln called "Arha", producing an oily paste. The women finally kneaded the paste from which to extract the oil. After decanting and filtering, the oil is ready for consumption. Argan Oil, aside from its wondrous uses for Beauty, Hair & Skin care, is also used to create a delicious paste called "Amlu", which is served in Morocco for breakfast, by mixing the oil with grounded almonds. At the end this joyous process for gathering and distilling Argan Oil, my Grandmother and her friends received their allotted share and which was used for food, gifts and for cosmetic purposes..

Who are the Berbers? The nomadic Berbers are the fiercely independent people of the African sub Sahara and who pre-date the Arab culture. The name Berber was given to them by the Romans. They originally inhabited the lands of Morocco in North Africa with Southern Morocco as their main center. Although the Berbers once ruled over kingdoms in the region, the Arabs conquered the area beginning in the seventh century. Berbers still retain their own ancient customs and festivals, particularly in rural areas, and a majority of Moroccans trace their ancestry to these ancient people. While many Berbers continue to speak a distinct language known as "Tamazight", the Moroccan Constitution, until recently, did not officially recognize their language. Over the past few decades, although many Moroccan Berbers have moved to large cities, those that have remained in their villages have largely retained their centuries old agricultural lifestyle. Berbers refer to themselves as "Amazigh", which means "free men".